Buford Georgia Family Photographer | Wilks Family Portraits

Relationships. Connection. Love. These are just a few of the things I am blessed to witness and observe being a photographer. It never gets old photographing couples or families and watching their unique connections play out in front of the lens. In a single session I may see intense love, a little bickering, inside jokes, quirkiness, solitude, joy, and sibling rivalry. All these things make each session special, and are truly what make up a family.

When photographing families, I love when their gallery results in a summary of them as a unit. Matt and Kindall recently relocated to Georgia with their two girls. Their connection was amazing. Their love was overflowing and abundant and tangible. I love when kids have fun on sessions. No forced smiles or bribes (okay, maybe a few bribes) or complaints. The girls had unique connections with each parent, and their love for each other as sisters was so incredibly pure and sweet. Matt and Kindall were so relaxed and funny- they definitely contributed to their girls being great subjects! At the end, they made their signature funny face, which is something of a tradition for them that they even did in their wedding photos. I absolutely adored documenting this family and their beautiful connection!

Oh my goodness I have so much love for this week family! How fun it was to be their Buford Georgia Family Photographer!

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