Buford Child Photographer - Emily

Buford Child Photographer, Emily

Happy Thursday, everyone!  You should all be really proud of me because I have now successfully posted my second blog!  HOORAY for productivity!!  I am dreaming about the weekend coming up in a couple short days and always look forward to spending it with my two main squeezes.  But first, these sessions demand to be shared, and up next is this sassy chic, Emily!


About this Buford Child Session

Meet sweet Emily.  Blonde headed, adorable, and so full of LIFE.  Sweet Emily is the product of two very special people to me.  Her mama and daddy are some of my greatest treasures as friends and I was honored they asked me to document this fun time in sweet Emily's life.  I've known Emily the entire 2 years she's been on Earth and honestly, I love every second of it!  She is a dreamer, she loves that lake life, extremely funny and FULL of sass.  The total package in a two year old.  

It was so hard for me to pick my favorites, so I am pretty much sharing about 75% of this session with you.  HA!  I'm good with it though!!  Be sure to keep scrolling to see the highlights :)


Buford Newborn Photographer - Baby Jamie

Buford Newborn Photographer - Jamie

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing amazing and having an awesome week!  I am so excited for the launch of my new blog today!! EEK!  I just wanted to start blogging my sessions to give my clients a more comprehensive look into what they can expect from me when they decide to book me as their Buford Newborn Photographer (and family, wedding, seniors, etc).

I wanted to kick off my blog with one of my favorite sessions to date.  It isn't necessarily my favorite because I think the images are BETTER than my other collections, rather.. the story behind it.  A story of sadness followed by great joy!  It's just everything.  And I just love new life... really it's incredible.  So first on the blog is sweet newborn baby Jamie and his story.

About this session (and this sweet baby boy)

Jamie was born with a heart defect known as Critical Aortic Stenosis.  This is when you have a narrowing of your Aortic valve; therefore, blood is not pumping properly through the heart.  In sweet and precious' Jamie, it was the worst that his doctor's had ever seen.  After he was 16 hours old, his father and mother thought his breathing was strange and told the nurses.  After being checked, within a few minutes, he was sent to the NICU.

And within the hour a cardiologist was there and having him transported by helicopter (life-flight) to Egleston's CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit).  He had an emergency procedure done on his 2nd day of life that was suppose to open the valve, but instead it opened it too much and the valve was "blown."

They decided to wait and see what the next step would be. Mama and Dad (and all other loved ones) waited for a week, basically watching him die. His breathing was so fast that he was burning off all of his calories and his heart was now in full blown heart failure.

On day 9 they decided to do a very big surgery called the Ross Konno Open Heart Surgery. They would be cutting out his Aortic Valve and replacing it with his Pulmonary Valve. Then taking a man made valve and making it his Pulmonary valve. There was a 25% chance of survival - but it was the only chance. They did the procedure on day 11. He did great!!! Within a week and a half he was in a regular hospital room. 

He now has some Mitralvalve leakage, but he is growing and doing well. He will have to have Open Heart Surgery every few years to replace the man made Pulmonary Valve, since it doesn't grow with his body. His prognosis is good as long as we keep him well. Any small cold or flu can be devastating to him. He is still in heart failure and may need his next Surgery sooner rather than later (2yrs old), but everyone who knows and loves him are optimistic.

He might need a heart transplant one day- but that bridge will be crossed if they get there. 

He is a miracle baby and he continues to get better and better each day.  (most of these words were written by mama, so thank you for sharing your story with me and everyone who reads my blog).

I was so honored to document this time for this sweet family.  These are such amazing treasures to have, especially in these special circumstances.  Sweet Jamie was so alert and so sweet during his session.  He even fell asleep once or twice.  But for most of his session, he just wanted to show off his big beautiful eyes.  Be sure to keep scrolling down for highlights from this perfect Buford Newborn session! <3