Welcome to This Beautiful Life

Welcome to This Beautiful Life

While I love to let my work speak for itself, I want to take some time and share a few details from my life with you all so you can get to know the face behind Crystal Barbee Photography!

I was raised in Florida originally, but relocated to Georgia roughly 10 years ago. What a wonderful move it was! I found my very own Georgia boy to fall in love with <3 We were friends for a few years before we decided to date, and that firm foundation of friendship has followed us through our marriage these last 6 years. 

We currently have a home here in the little town of Buford, GA. I'm lucky enough to explore my creative passion for photography out of a studio here on Historic Mainstreet. When I'm not behind my camera lens or editing, you can find me soaking up the sun with my family on the lake. We have a houseboat that we love to take out and sail the day away on. 

While photography is the biggest passion in my life outside of my family, fitness comes in as a close second. I adore going to the gym, and regularly indulge in my "me-time" at least 3-4 times a week. As a photographer, my schedule and days can get incredibly busy, so the gym really is a place I can go to clear my mind. My current obsession is Barre and Pilates. Just can't get enough! 

For me photography started as a creative outlet as a new mom. It was (and still is) something I genuinely enjoy, which keeps it from feeling like work. I truly think that's why I've been so successful over the years. 

Naturally, as a photographer, you find yourself organically gravitating towards specific genres of this art-craft. Over the years I've always found myself drawn time and time again to newborns, children and families. I love working with their sweet little bodies, capturing their delicate features and watching them grow. After all, what in the world could be better than the opportunity to document the sweet growth of newborn babes?


Photo Credit: Amanda Nicole Photography