Buford Family Photographer - Price Family

Buford Family Photographer

Whew!  It's Sunday everyone! Time for family.   Family is exactly what I look forward to on the weekends.  After having my son, it's almost scary to blink considering how fast the time seemingly goes by each year.  I am so grateful to him for showing me how meaningful life really is.  So, I decided that a family session is in order for the blog, so meet the Price family!! 

About this Family Photography Session

Can I just take a minute and mention that pictures are treasures?  Treasures because these are real life moments.  Moments that really happened and that I was able to document.  And.. the money shot, you guys.  You know... the one where all 4 kids are looking at the camera, with happy faces on them?  Yeah.  That totally happened for this family of 6.  Not to toot my own horn buuuuuttt... toot toot!  And mama and daddy should be proud.  This is just tangible, real life proof that they have it all together.  Because on most days, us parents do and we should be proud about that!  

I think it's also important to note- that this family is going through a lot.  So be sure to send good vibes their way.  Their son is battling cancer and will start chemo soon.  They wanted the memories of him with his hair, so before they shaved it, I made sure to get them on the books.  I am so glad I did and they are seriously the sweetest family ever.  For more information on Wilm's tumor (the cancer that this precious boy has) be sure to check out this link: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/wilms-tumor/basics/definition/con-20043492

One of the other 123768146 reasons why I love my job- is that I get to play a part in my client's lives and I get to create these memories for them.  It's simply amazing to think that in 50 years, these kiddos will be sharing these images with THEIR kids.  It's pretty amazing and I am so honored to do it.  Be sure to scroll below for the highlights from this family photography session here in Buford!