Buford Child Photographer - Emily

Buford Child Photographer, Emily

Happy Thursday, everyone!  You should all be really proud of me because I have now successfully posted my second blog!  HOORAY for productivity!!  I am dreaming about the weekend coming up in a couple short days and always look forward to spending it with my two main squeezes.  But first, these sessions demand to be shared, and up next is this sassy chic, Emily!


About this Buford Child Session

Meet sweet Emily.  Blonde headed, adorable, and so full of LIFE.  Sweet Emily is the product of two very special people to me.  Her mama and daddy are some of my greatest treasures as friends and I was honored they asked me to document this fun time in sweet Emily's life.  I've known Emily the entire 2 years she's been on Earth and honestly, I love every second of it!  She is a dreamer, she loves that lake life, extremely funny and FULL of sass.  The total package in a two year old.  

It was so hard for me to pick my favorites, so I am pretty much sharing about 75% of this session with you.  HA!  I'm good with it though!!  Be sure to keep scrolling to see the highlights :)