Atlanta Child Fine Art Photographer | Easter Bunny Mini Session

WARNING: Cuteness Overload!!!

So let me just tell me about one of the most adorable things I have ever gotten to be a part of... These sweet girl's mama contacted me about my Easter Bunny mini-sessions for her 3 beautiful, tender-hearted little girls. C'mon guys... is there anything cuter than a sleepy bunny swaddled by three precious little gals? I don't think so! Take a look and see for yourself! :)

These little girls were so loving towards one another, and it was so fun to watch each one of their personalities shine through these images. This little guy was so calm, and loved to be snuggled. As soon as they wrapped him up in his little blanket, he went right to sleep!

I love keeping backgrounds simplistic. It allows the focus to be kept on the girls and our sweet Easter pal. This sessions truly did turn out so well, and we are all very happy with the final product! I adored working with these three and their parents! Between our furry friend's twitching nose, three sweet girls and the promise of Easter candy right around the corner, this session couldn't have been any sweeter!

Buford Child Birthday Photographer | Shelby Turns 6!

Buford Child Birthday Photographer | Shelby Turns 6!

Happy birthday sweet girl! Shelby's adorable spirit and kind heart shine brighter than all the glitter floating in these images. It was so much fun working with her and her awesome mama during this glitter session. Being her Buford Child Birthday Photographer was such a sweet treat. I still can hear her adorable laughter fill the air when I think look through these images.  

Six is such a fun age, don't you think? They make that huge leap into first grade, loose a tooth per week it seems, and have an unending supply of energy you wish you could tap into for just one afternoon. When it comes to photography, I love capturing this age. It's hard to believe that so much personality can be packed into such small bodies, but these kids somehow manage to steal my heart every time. Shelby here was no exception. I found myself laughing harder and giggling just as much, if not more, than this sweet girl herself. 

With a hear as kind as hers, and a spirit as adventurous, I know she has a long glittery road ahead of her, filled with endless laughter and tons of fun!