Atlanta Child Fine Art Photographer | Easter Bunny Mini Session

WARNING: Cuteness Overload!!!

So let me just tell me about one of the most adorable things I have ever gotten to be a part of... These sweet girl's mama contacted me about my Easter Bunny mini-sessions for her 3 beautiful, tender-hearted little girls. C'mon guys... is there anything cuter than a sleepy bunny swaddled by three precious little gals? I don't think so! Take a look and see for yourself! :)

These little girls were so loving towards one another, and it was so fun to watch each one of their personalities shine through these images. This little guy was so calm, and loved to be snuggled. As soon as they wrapped him up in his little blanket, he went right to sleep!

I love keeping backgrounds simplistic. It allows the focus to be kept on the girls and our sweet Easter pal. This sessions truly did turn out so well, and we are all very happy with the final product! I adored working with these three and their parents! Between our furry friend's twitching nose, three sweet girls and the promise of Easter candy right around the corner, this session couldn't have been any sweeter!

Buford Child Birthday Photographer | Shelby Turns 6!

Buford Child Birthday Photographer | Shelby Turns 6!

Happy birthday sweet girl! Shelby's adorable spirit and kind heart shine brighter than all the glitter floating in these images. It was so much fun working with her and her awesome mama during this glitter session. Being her Buford Child Birthday Photographer was such a sweet treat. I still can hear her adorable laughter fill the air when I think look through these images.  

Six is such a fun age, don't you think? They make that huge leap into first grade, loose a tooth per week it seems, and have an unending supply of energy you wish you could tap into for just one afternoon. When it comes to photography, I love capturing this age. It's hard to believe that so much personality can be packed into such small bodies, but these kids somehow manage to steal my heart every time. Shelby here was no exception. I found myself laughing harder and giggling just as much, if not more, than this sweet girl herself. 

With a hear as kind as hers, and a spirit as adventurous, I know she has a long glittery road ahead of her, filled with endless laughter and tons of fun!

Buford Family Photographer | Yeager Family

Buford Family Photographer | Yeager Family

This session will forever have a place in my heart, as will this little guy's smile. The joy and happiness that flows from his sweet little body is so incredibly infectious. It's clear to see where he gets his gorgeous smile from when you look at his beautiful parents, isn't it?! What a stunning family. I loved being their Buford Family Photographer for this sunset session. 

Little man here was soon turning one, and his sweet mama wanted to capture not only his adorable smile, but the beautiful dynamic shared by this family at this stage of their lives together. She has an interest in photography and wishes to pursue it one day, so we had more than enough to talk about! I love sharing my passion with others. Especially if it can help them bring more beauty into this big wide world! 

I'm not sure how he fits such a huge personality in such a tiny body, but I adored every minute I was able to spend with this sweet birthday boy and his parents. 

Make sure to scroll down to see all the precious smiles and laughter we were able to capture! I can still hear the sweet sound of his giggles fill the air as I look back through this collection<3

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Welcome to This Beautiful Life

Welcome to This Beautiful Life

While I love to let my work speak for itself, I want to take some time and share a few details from my life with you all so you can get to know the face behind Crystal Barbee Photography!

I was raised in Florida originally, but relocated to Georgia roughly 10 years ago. What a wonderful move it was! I found my very own Georgia boy to fall in love with <3 We were friends for a few years before we decided to date, and that firm foundation of friendship has followed us through our marriage these last 6 years. 

We currently have a home here in the little town of Buford, GA. I'm lucky enough to explore my creative passion for photography out of a studio here on Historic Mainstreet. When I'm not behind my camera lens or editing, you can find me soaking up the sun with my family on the lake. We have a houseboat that we love to take out and sail the day away on. 

While photography is the biggest passion in my life outside of my family, fitness comes in as a close second. I adore going to the gym, and regularly indulge in my "me-time" at least 3-4 times a week. As a photographer, my schedule and days can get incredibly busy, so the gym really is a place I can go to clear my mind. My current obsession is Barre and Pilates. Just can't get enough! 

For me photography started as a creative outlet as a new mom. It was (and still is) something I genuinely enjoy, which keeps it from feeling like work. I truly think that's why I've been so successful over the years. 

Naturally, as a photographer, you find yourself organically gravitating towards specific genres of this art-craft. Over the years I've always found myself drawn time and time again to newborns, children and families. I love working with their sweet little bodies, capturing their delicate features and watching them grow. After all, what in the world could be better than the opportunity to document the sweet growth of newborn babes?


Photo Credit: Amanda Nicole Photography

Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer | Drake

Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer | Drake

As we draw to a close on the first week of spring, I can't help but share this sweet little bundle of joy with you all! Loving the spring/baby combo! <3 Working with this family was such an immense pleasure. Casey (mom) found me online and instantly fell in love with my work! How my heart leaps with joy when I hear sweet appreciation for my work! Being an Atlanta Georgia Newborn Photographer is such a rewarding career. To know you have the unique opportunity to document the love that flows so freely through families like this one is a gift I'll forever cherish. 

Casey and her sweet husband just moved here to Atlanta. He's actually the marketing director for the Atlanta Falcons. How exciting! They have an adorable tradition of getting a newborn shot with each sweet new addition cuddled up inside one of the helmets of the team he currently works with. Such a cute idea, don't you think? I can only imagine the adorable gallery wall arrangement these images will all make together! 

To me, traditions are vital when it comes to family. I come from a family packed full of both silly and meaningful traditions alike. As soon as my husband "big Zeb" and I were married over 6 years ago (geeze how time flies..), I literally sat my husband down and we wrote out a list of traditions we wanted to incorporate into our lives. Traditions for just the two of us and traditions we planned on incorporating when our kiddos would join the mix. I'm proud to say, since our first Christmas together, we have never missed out on our onsie-swap ritual. Looking back on the pictures of his big, burly self wrapped up in a Yoda onsie just cracks me up! It's times like these we cling to when days get long and tempers get short. 

I had so much fun working with this growing family! Make sure you scroll down to see all the sweetness from their session. Go Falcons! <3

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Buford Georgia Newborn Photographer | Alma

Buford Georgia Newborn Photographer | Alma

As a Buford Georgia newborn photographer, one of the biggest compliments I can receive is repeat business. The pride I feel when I have a past client contact me to schedule another session is such a beautiful feeling. The first time I met this sweet family was at their maternity session, when Alma was still a precious little baby bump. I've watched these two lovebirds grow from excited soon-to-be parents, into an adoring mommy and daddy. It's easy to see that these two were born to love Alma. 

Not long ago, I learned an interesting fact about baby names from a close friend who was expecting her second little boy, desperately trying to pin down a perfect name. (She eventually decided on Elijah, LOVE!) There is a 100 year rule when it comes to baby name popularity! For some reason, it just so happens that roughly every 100 years or so, the same names rise in favor. For instance, this year, Charlotte is one of the most popular names, coincidentally it held the same title back in 1916. How funny!

Personally, I love the choice of using classic names for little ones these days. It gives them such a unique and timeless characteristic. Evidently, Alma's parents couldn't agree more and decided on this sweet title for their little girl. The perfect name for the perfect little girl. What a dream she was to work with! Such a happy, sleepy baby. <3

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Buford Georgia Maternity Photographer | A Sunset Maternity Session

Buford Georgia Maternity Photographer | A Sunset Maternity Session

This soon-to-be big brother can hardly contain the excitement he has for the arrival of his sweet little sister! How adorable it was to listen to him talk about all the fun adventures he plans to take her on! As a Buford Georgia maternity photographer, getting to work with this family and families like this one is such a sweet treat. The love they already have for this little girl is so deeply touching. 

When working with little ones like big brother, I like to let them run the show to a point. When I try and position him perfectly every pose, it really puts a lot of pressure on both him and his parents. But, when I allow him to act naturally and have fun throughout the session, I have the opportunity to get some truly stunning shots! 

After we were done capturing some family shots, we snapped a few singles of this glowing mama and her sweet baby bump. How gorgeous is she?! A more beautiful family would be hard to find. Enjoying this perfect afternoon, bathed in golden light and the love that flows so freely through this family was such a pleasure. I can't wait to see what the future holds for these four. Thanks for letting me be your Buford Georgia maternity photographer! 

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Buford Child Birthday Photographer

Buford First Birthday session

I hope everyone is having a great week! So close to Fri-Yay!!

Meet Emily.

Emily is turning ONE!! Her cake smash was so much fun and I love the simplicity of the cake with the flowers and her cute little tu-tu! Cake smashes are becoming so popular and quickly becoming a personal favorite milestone session. Check out Miss Emily <3


Buford Newborn Photographer

Buford Newborn Photographer- Baby Cameron

Happy Monday guys! I don't know where you are but here in Atlanta it is gray, raining and cold today... not a good combo for a Monday but I am feeling extra motivated so I am updating the blog!


Meet Cameron.


This very little guy was such a wonderful baby to work with. He not only was the perfect little client but he is very special too... He is a rainbow baby. I didn't know this before our session. During the session the mother was taking lots of behind the scene photos, which I LOVE, but then she started crying. Now this is somewhat normal for new mothers whose hormones are all over the place. So I asked her what was wrong and she told me the story behind him being a rainbow baby and losing her previous child during labor. Whoa... talk about putting everything in perspective for me. What I do is way more important than just "taking pictures" ...THESE pictures meant EVERYTHING to her. I am so fortunate to be able to give her something so special and call it work. Feeling thankful for my career and the happiness it brings others...

Atlanta Child Photographer - Cruz

Atlanta Child Photographer

Going strong on the blogging front, everyone!! I could hardly wait to share this session of sweet Cruz's cake smash.  When you get two photographer's together... usually the session itself is pretty epic.  This one was no exception.  

From an old rugged and vintage building, styled to fit all these vintage, a cute and happy baby, and a beautiful long blonde haired mama... it was not short of an amazing and fun session.  Sweet mama is a fellow photographer and friend, so when she booked me, I was completely honored.  He is the last of three boys, so she wanted to embrace and enjoy every second of this session.  

I am not sure if I'll ever have another baby, so I can't say that I completely understand what it's like to know that the last one is the last one you'll have.  The bond that these two shared was so inspiring.  I am so happy for this sweet family and I hope these pictures mean so much to this sweet mama! <3

Be sure to scroll below to see those highlights!!  And get in touch if you'd like to book one of your own!

Baby Girl Photography in Buford - Baby K

Baby Girl Photography in Buford

I love newborn sessions!  I keep getting more and more requests and I think it's an absolute perfect fit with me getting my new studio.  I am beyond thrilled and can't wait to see so many babies come through.  It's beyond exciting and because of that, I am happy to share this sweet baby girl photography session!  Meet Baby K!

This sweet baby girl's mama is an OBGYN, but we do both admit that her sweet baby girl is exceptionally cute!! ;)  One of Mama's good friend's uses me for years for her photography needs, and I was so thrilled and honored that this sweet mama chose me to document this time in their lives.  

Baby K slept so good the entire session.  So much so, I barely saw her beautiful eyes!!  Her skin complimented deep plum purple and I loved the way we styled this session.

Be sure to keep scrolling for the highlights from this session!!!



Maternity Photography in Buford

Maternity Photography in Buford

Hey everyone!  If you stumbled on this post, thank you for being here!! :)  I am finally getting caught back up on blogging and am so excited to share this maternity photography session with you.  Since I live here in Buford, I also proudly serve all locations near me!  So if you're interested in booking a session with me, be sure to get in touch!

About this Maternity Session

Meet the adorable Anderson family!!  I particularly loved this session because sweet mama had so many ideas and we exchanged so many texts and messages.  So much thought was put into it and I think it really shows in these images.  I also am so thrilled when clients book me and they truly value photography.  And as you can probably tell... this girl totally did!  

She was also up for anything- when I said to lay in the grass, I swear she was already on her way down.  It was so much fun and we had such a good time.  I was also extremely pleased to learn that she said that I nailed the images that she had in mind.  Win/win for this one, guys!

Be sure to get in touch.  I will help you from start to finish if you'd like me to.  From wardrobe all the way up to where you should hang your images.  See below for the highlights from this perfect session!



Buford Maternity and Family Photography

Buford Maternity and Family Photography

Happy Friday everyone!  I have been out of pocket the last couple of weeks and I am sorry about that!  But I am back! <3  If you have been following me on Facebook, you may have seen that the reason I have been a little absent is because....... I AM SETTING UP MY NEW STUDIO!  I am so excited!

When starting this journey of photography, I never expected to grow like I have.  I am beyond grateful for the support and encouragement that I get for it all.  This sweet mama in this particular session is a local business owner and one of my biggest fans.  She helped to grow as I have and really encouraged me.  She's a great friend and I hope she knows how important she is to me.

This sweet family is expecting a baby boy.  They waited so patiently for him, and they just knew that their number of children was 3.  I am over the moon excited for this sweet family.  Brother and sister are such great helpers already, so I just know when #3 arrives, nothing will change.  Be sure to scroll below for highlights from this sweet maternity session!

Buford Maternity and Family Photography-_1088.jpg

Buford Family Photographer - Price Family

Buford Family Photographer

Whew!  It's Sunday everyone! Time for family.   Family is exactly what I look forward to on the weekends.  After having my son, it's almost scary to blink considering how fast the time seemingly goes by each year.  I am so grateful to him for showing me how meaningful life really is.  So, I decided that a family session is in order for the blog, so meet the Price family!! 

About this Family Photography Session

Can I just take a minute and mention that pictures are treasures?  Treasures because these are real life moments.  Moments that really happened and that I was able to document.  And.. the money shot, you guys.  You know... the one where all 4 kids are looking at the camera, with happy faces on them?  Yeah.  That totally happened for this family of 6.  Not to toot my own horn buuuuuttt... toot toot!  And mama and daddy should be proud.  This is just tangible, real life proof that they have it all together.  Because on most days, us parents do and we should be proud about that!  

I think it's also important to note- that this family is going through a lot.  So be sure to send good vibes their way.  Their son is battling cancer and will start chemo soon.  They wanted the memories of him with his hair, so before they shaved it, I made sure to get them on the books.  I am so glad I did and they are seriously the sweetest family ever.  For more information on Wilm's tumor (the cancer that this precious boy has) be sure to check out this link:

One of the other 123768146 reasons why I love my job- is that I get to play a part in my client's lives and I get to create these memories for them.  It's simply amazing to think that in 50 years, these kiddos will be sharing these images with THEIR kids.  It's pretty amazing and I am so honored to do it.  Be sure to scroll below for the highlights from this family photography session here in Buford!